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cannot get started (it worked/no data source)

Mar 28 at 12:37 PM
im just starting out with saraff twain
i downloaded and copied the twaindsm.dll to my system32 folder (plain copy-paste, couldnt find any installer)
running the sample 1 from your solution, i try to select source but the list is empty.
clicking on scan either says no data source or an exception "it worked"
what am i doing wrong
im runiing 64bit windows 7
eventuall this is supposed to work in a wpf 4.5 application
p.s. any way to make the UI and/or intellisense in english?
Mar 28 at 6:54 PM
Hello, yisman.
Try run a Saraff.Twain.Vb.Sample1_x86 sample (may be, it will require install twaindsm 32-bit to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ directory).
Check a C:\Windows\twain_32\ folder (for 32-bit applications) and C:\Windows\twain_64\ (for 64-bit applications).
Also, update a Saraff.Twain.NET (Saraff.Twain.dll) to latest version.
Language of UI you can set in a Twain32.Language property (in a VS Form Designer).
Mar 29 at 10:35 AM
thanks for replying

A. i have no need for x86. the whole point of me migrating to to your project is the 64bit option
since the app gets compiled as 64 bit (for memory purposes)

B. i checked the folders, and i actuall i do not have a folder C:\Windows\twain_64\ at all. how do i fix this issue?

C. i believe i have the latest version, i dowloaded nuget just yesterday

D. i believe that the ui seting can be done in wpf as well. but what about intelisense? can that be in english as well?

thanks a lot

i appreciate your guidance
Mar 29 at 6:15 PM
Hello, yisman.
A&B. If you wanna make 64-bit application, that yon must have installed 64-bit a Data Source (DS). (See follow link)
C. Ok.
D. intelisense available as is (partial in English, but in general case in Russian).
Apr 3 at 12:21 PM
thanks for your kind response
i have downloaded the folder from sourceforge, and since its a 64 bit app, i put the 2 files from "twain64" into "C:\Windows\System32"
am i doing it correctly?
did i miss anything?
thank you very very much!
Apr 3 at 8:24 PM
Hello, yisman.
Yes, all correct.
Apr 4 at 9:15 PM
but i still have the "it worked" exception. what can i do to get this project to start scanning?
Apr 5 at 8:38 PM
Hello, yisman.
Check a C:\Windows\twain_64\ directory (for 64-bit applications), it's must be not empty.
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