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How to suppress "Scanning" message box during the scan?

Feb 28 at 10:51 AM
Hi Saraff,

is there a way to suppress the "Scanning" message box that appears during the scan of a document?

I'm using a Panasonic KV-1025C here, and while acquiring the image a message box appears with "SCANNING" in the title bar and "Scan-Vorgang findet statt. Bitte warten !" as text and a button saying "Scan-Vorgang anhalten". I suspect the box comes from the manufacturers software. When the scan is done, the box disappears.

I'd very much like to suppress the message because is takes the input focus away from the calling windows form which should be available for data input during the scan process. ShowUI is set to false, of course.

Feb 28 at 4:59 PM
Seems like Capabilities.Indicators.Set(false) would do the trick.

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