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How set webcam resolution?

Feb 16 at 3:39 PM
I need to set the dimension of the acquired image via webcam.
If I set ShowUI = true, I can do it via interface (Format button).
But, how I can programmatically with ShowUI = false?

I searche in the forum (only english post), in the documentation and in the samples but I can't find it.

Feb 16 at 6:18 PM
Hello, mao75.
Try use a XResolution and a YResolution capabilities. See a Documentation.
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Feb 17 at 9:15 AM
I had seen this section and I also tried:
         _twain.ShowUI = False
         _twain.Capabilities.XResolution.Set (640)
         _twain.Capabilities.YResolution.Set (480)
         Me._twain.Acquire ()
Unfortunately out a mistake in Russian even though I set another language: so I thought that this resolution was only concerning dpi and not the image size.

Feb 17 at 9:16 AM
Feb 17 at 12:13 PM
Hello, mao75.
This message said "A Data Source does not opened". I advice read a TWAIN Specification.