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Improving quality of scanned image

Jan 30 at 10:11 AM
We are scanning with Saraff.Twain in Tiff format and then create a pdf with this Tiff info (without any processing). We want to use the minimum viable resolution (200 by default) in order to keep the documents size small.

We are getting quite low quality results in our scanned images. We get better images with scan applications that allow to select (Text vs Image) configuration options.

How do you improve your scan quality in your apps? I guess some sort of image post-processing is needed.

In particular I'm interested in only-text documents.
Jan 30 at 2:13 PM
Hello, jruizaranguren.
If you want select (Text vs Image) configuration options, you must use a Capabilities of a Data Source (see Strongly typed accessing to a capabilities or General (not strongly typed) accessing to a capabilities)
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Jan 31 at 8:27 PM
Thank you very much, I will try.

In addition to that, Do you usually apply and post-processing with any library?
Feb 1 at 7:21 PM
Hello, jruizaranguren.
What you had in mind talking about
Do you usually apply and post-processing with any library.
Feb 15 at 7:31 AM

you can apply a sharpening to your scanned image with Kaliko Image Library

Works fine